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About ION

A still image is more than just a bit of visual decoration to keep us distracted. It is something that is frozen in time and has the ability to stay with people forever.

Ion is a successful creative imaging studio servicing local, interstate and international Ad Agencies, Production Companies and Direct Clients. In 1997 I saw the need for a creative imaging solution based in Brisbane, Australia to serve the local Creative Advertising industry. Since then ‘ion’ has become a well respected, award winning brand which has built a reliable reputation of producing great, individual work for global brands. Ion takes pride in representing the photographic industry, retouching for a list of Australias top photographers. The main objective is to simply collaborate and produce great visual work which will captivate it’s audience and help clients succeed.

Numerous awards have been collected in categories ranging from Graphic Design, Art Direction, Creative imaging and Photography and works have also been selected for publications such as ‘Lurzer’s Archive, Ads of the world, Best ads on TV and more. Justin Overell, Ion’s founder has also been noted in the top 10 retouchers in Australia, topping at number 1 in 2009 by the respected ’Capture magazine annual’. Ion has enjoyed projects from clients such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Peugeot, Subway, McDonalds, Disney, Orange, Resorts World, V8 Supercars, Sunland Group, Merida, Citizen, Bridgestone, Air Asia, Canon, Foot Locker, Telstra, RSPCA, Queensland University, Natures Own, Telfast, Cantebury, Parmalat, Battery World, Norwegian rail, RACQ, Qld Government, Suncorp, Triumph, Translink, Weis as well as other global companies and smaller startup businesses and brands.

With extensive experience across all areas of offset and digital print production, conceptual digital storyboarding and matt painting for TVC production, artist impressions, Illustration, in house photography, CGI , digital advertising and traditional retouching, ion is not limited to the size or nature of a project. Our expertise has been well rounded, transitioning smoothly into the age of digital media. Ion can supply all finished artwork as optimised colour corrected files for print and digital use, as well as simple ‘ready layers’ for clients to integrate into final layouts for print and digital work. Assistance can also be provided as early as concept stage to manage all aspects of a project, including design, production, photography through to post production stages ready for final output.

About Justin

Ion is the alter ego of founder, Justin Overell and is constantly looking for new ways to push the concept further. Since 1990, Justin worked in the Graphic Design industry under full time employment and in ’97 decided to step out into the self employed world under the moniker ‘Ion Design’. Through an invitation from successful photographers in Brisbane, Justin was given the opportunity to take his design eye and combine it with new technology in the creative imaging and visual fields. As years passed Justin had built a reputation for being the ‘go to guy’ if you needed a bit of ‘image magic’ done. Many great relationships have been formed in Advertising, Design, Print and TVC and Digital Production companies. Today ion has 2 Studios, one in central Brisbane and one in rural settings simply for ease of travel and locations for projects, connected via cable and Satelitte links and continues to work with great collaborators on a broad field of visual projects. If you would like assistance on any project, please get in touch.